The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool Tarot Card Meanings

The Fool is one of the most well known Tarot cards, and part of the Major Arcana set. Much of the Major Arcana is told as ‘The Story of the Fool’.

The Fool starts us out on our journey through the Major Arcana. As the number zero, the fool represents the perfection of nothingness and the unlimited potential we have when we start out on any path.The Fool comes into our lives when we are ready for transition and to make some kind of shift in ourselves or our lives. We have all been there. Somehow we know we have to take a leap and trust whatever happens all will work out. He is a prime example of “beginner’s mind,” or the act of embracing one’s ignorance when starting a new task and becoming absorbed in the process of learning. The Fool shows a way of moving through life and experiences. He is dynamic, playful, and flexible. Far from being frivolous, The Fool shows us that we are our most receptive when we approach new things with a healthy sense of wonder and play.

When looking at the cards in a Tarot spread it is important to check out how many Major Arcana cards and how many Minor. While the Major ones depict important life transitional energy the Minor are more about how the personality filters that through. So when we see the Fool it heralds a new beginning. We will have a major choice to make. In order to make that decision the Fool asks us to be aware of any fears we have about taking the next step into the unknown.

Do we support our fear, push away opportunity just because it means major change or do we trust that the path of life is full of forked paths and always we are making choices whether aware or not? When it comes in a reading it reminds us to trust and have faith. It gives a spiritual perspective which reassures us of a positive outcome. Even if incredibly challenging. The Fool energy is present in all things new and reflects the spiritual consciousness rather than mere concern for material conditions. The Fool trusts in the Universe and asks us to be prepared to abandon the old ways and take that leap.